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Elevate your Interior Design with the Flexijet: A Tool for Precision and Artistry.

Introducing the revolutionary 1080-degree robotic faucet fixture, a cutting-edge addition to modern bathrooms. This state-of-the-art device combines advanced robotics with precision engineering to deliver an unparalleled user experience. With its extensive range of motion, the faucet can rotate a full 1080 degrees, allowing users to easily access every corner of the sink with utmost convenience and control. Whether you're washing your face, brushing your teeth, or filling up a container, this innovative faucet ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency. Experience the future of bathroom technology with the 1080-degree robotic faucet fixture and transform your daily routines into seamless and effortless moments of luxury

FlexiJet Robotic Arm Faucet

Say goodbye to rigid water flow patterns and hello to the freedom of FlexiJet. With its advanced engineering, this innovative faucet head lets you effortlessly switch between a gentle mist, a powerful jet, and everything in between. Whether you need a delicate spray for watering plants or a forceful stream for rinsing dishes, FlexiJet delivers with precision and style.


Upgrade your daily routine with FlexiJet and elevate your faucet experience to new heights. From the functionality of its adjustable water flow to the elegance of its design, FlexiJet is the epitome of innovation in the world of faucets.


Discover the limitless possibilities of water flow customization with FlexiJet. Unleash your creativity, adapt to any task, and transform your faucet into a versatile tool. Embrace the future of faucets today with FlexiJet – where style meets flexibility.



1080° Rotary Switch: The splash-proof filter faucet can rotate the water outlet at 1080°, making it more convenient to wash your face and rinse your mouth.
Two water modes: Bubble mode/bubble mode + shower mode
EASY TO INSTALL: No tools are required, just make sure your faucet fits the product size and is ready to use, then put the spout into the faucet and screw the bracket clockwise to complete the installation.
Four-eye filtration to remove impurities, two water outlet methods, can be rotated and switched, it is more convenient to wash face and mouth, tight sealing, no water leakage


Diameter: 24mm outer filament, 22mm inner filament, 20mm inner thick wire
Product weight: (single-mode) 152g, (dual-mode) 165g, small accessories 36g
Product standard configuration: 
Size: 10.8*5.5*4.8cm
Material: Copper
Nominal pressure: 1-6 (Mpa)
Working temperature: 99 (℃)
Specifications: Single-mode water outlet-manipulator arm silver, dual-mode water outlet-manipulator arm silver
Installation type: Screw type

Packing list:

Robot arm faucet X 1 + sealing ring X 2 + small wrench X 1


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